“Expanding the boutique area for the event :”Sessun is like a bird “in Marseille

From vernissage “Sessun is like a bird” in Marseille 26. mars 2010

“Sessun is like a bird”  s’envole …

26.mars-10.April  Boutique Marseille:6 rue Sainte 13001 Marseille

06.-20.Mai Boutique  Aix- en- Provence:10 rue Courteissade 13100 Aix-en Pce


CHIC CITYRATS write :News are pouring right and left at Sessùn’s.  For a start, a new store has popped open in Paris, the second one in the rue de Charonne, and a soft space full of light and authenticity. The brand also launched the Playlist line last season; just 12 items, mainly silk dresses and tuxedo pants that delineate evening silhouettes with a distinctly rock’n’roll edge. A musical inspiration that Sessùn wears on its sleeve. Designer Emma François specializes in such clever cross-overs: after a sweet Songs Collection, she has completed a new multidisciplinary project, an exhibition around the theme of the bird and its feathers that will migrate in the spring towards Marseilles and Aix-en-Provence. This airy show features the fluttering plates of Norwegian ceramic artist Astrid Sleire, delicious wooden jewels by Australian-born Naomi Murrell, as well as pictures and other lovely items in limited editions.

New Sessùn store

34 rue de Charonne

Paris 11°

0033 1 48 06 55 66

Sessùn is like a bird

Sessùn store, Marseilles

6 rue Sainte

March 26 through April 10

Then Sessùn store, Aix-en-Provence

10 rue Courteissade

May 6 through 20

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